Blockchain based escrow payment for marketplaces

Future of payment

Enhance the buying / selling process with decentralized escrow for secure payments.

Connected to Oracle

Chainlink easily connects the Origami Payment smart contracts and critical external data from carriers and other data feeds.
For example, a payment can be released only if the product is delivered.

Seamless integration

Marketplaces will integrate the payment system through open API,
without worrying about underlying Smartcontract and Blockchain.


The customer is rewarded when the payment is in ORI with a cashback system.

Built for marketplaces

Marketplaces are very different from classic e-commerce, our escrow payment system is designed for multi-vendors.

Low fees

Low transaction fees compare to old school fiat.

Oracles - Use cases
Oracles connect data from the real world to the blockchain.

Product not delivered?

SmartContract will automatically refund the order if the product is not delivered, or if the product is returned to the expeditor.

Insurance for late delivery

The buyer can subscribe to an insurance for late delivery. It will be partialy refunded, depending on the delay.

More to come...

Other use cases will be added.
If you have an idea, please share it with the community on Telegram .

Working product

With our marketplace protocol (Origami Marketplace), we already have customers who have built marketplaces with our tool, and ready to adopt Origami Payment.

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Huge potential

Sales on online marketplaces cross $1 trillion in 2016,
yet they still have to solve a lot of problem inherent to escrow payment (e.g payment repudiation, dispute, expensive).

Safe and reliable

A team with experience

Our three co-founders are entrepreneurs since 2012
and worked during 5 years in the trading and financial area (Customers: BNP, SocGen, Boursorama …).
They have also created a SaaS product to build marketplaces (Origami Marketplace)

The company team is currently composed of 8 persons, specialized in development, performance, security and e-commerce.

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